.[.strawberried ice//mesh and lace.].

Hello. I see the assasins have failed.

Jay Sao
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living a beat poet's nightmare//a breif commentary.

Someone wants to read the On-goings of my Life? Fabulous. Though, I doubt you're in for much, except the daily insanity that the Loons (that claim to be related to me in some cruel, genetic way,) who insist on living in the same country as me reak about the Hell that is commonly reffered to as ''Texas'' amoungst the Locals.

Eh..I'm a decent person, in the fact that I'm not a raging, hormone-driven, drug-endorsing freak of a teenager.

So, basically I sit about and fufill the laborous duty of that which is being me. Which is to say, I sit about and (try to) look annoyingly wise.

I would like to note that all short stories, request writings, and original poetry/lyrics here are owned by me. Don't steal them, for I have a bad habit of legally maiming plagerists.

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